What roof area do I require for a solar solution?

Generally, 1MWp can be built in around 5-8000 sqm of roof space. We will evaluation roofs with > 3,000 sqm area and determine possible system size based on building specific factors including roof configuration, shading, and existing equipment on roof etc.

How long does it take to install solar?

A typical installation would take 12-16 weeks from contract signing. We have a strong local execution team that will determine the exact project length in line with our principles of minimal disruption to your business operation and carrying out the install in line with strict safety measures.

Do I need to disconnect from PLN to use solar?

Your PLN connection is still very necessary and we don’t disconnect. The solar system will augment the power supply and work in parallel to PLN to supply to your facility. The existing PLN grid connection will continue to supply majority of your power but will be offset by the solar electricity produced.

Can my roof handle the weight of a solar installation?

Low Carbon Investors: Sponsor dan pengelola dana inkubator pada tahap awal termasuk Akselerator Karbon Rendah – Dana tenaga surya pertama , Dana tenaga surya panel rendah karbon dan Low Carbon Downing solar VCT untuk atap tenaga surya (2006 – 2010). Low Carbon menjadi Low Carbon grup pada tahun 2010, yang sekarang menjadi mitra energi Vitol yang dapat diperbarui dan memungkinkan penyebaran modal lebih dari £500 Juta. Shire Oak Energy (2012) mengembangkan solar panel terbesar pada peternakan di Inggris sampai hari ini masih menjadi yang paling besar di Raynham West sebesar 49.9MW. Tidal Lagoon Power (2012), membuat Laguna pasang surut yang pertama di Swansea Bay, Wales dan mengidentifikasi armada laguna di seluruh kepulauan Inggris. Shire Oak Internasional (2018), sebagai pengembang dan penanam modal Internasional terkemuka, yang mempercepat transisi global ke solusi energi terbarukan. Berfokus di Asia, terutama di Vietnam dengan kapasitas energi surya 2.1GW+. Portfolio proyek terbarukan yang disetujui dengan nilai toal sebesar USD 2.49M

Do I need to apply for permits before I install solar?

The Shire Oak team will handle regulatory and approval requirements to install, operate and maintain the system.

Do I need to maintain the system after installation?

The Shire Oak team has the capability to monitor and maintain the system to ensure optimal performance.

What happens if I sell or move out of my facility during the solar contract?

We have provisions for this in our contract; the best solution would be for the new owner to take over the contract but we have other options too in case they don’t wish to.

What happens if my roof is damaged during installation?

We are responsible for and will remedy any damages caused during the installation process. Our experienced team has expertise in the execution of rooftop solar as well as installations on many different roof types which mitigates the risk of such damage occuring.

Does Shire Oak manufacture solar panels ?

We do not manufacture equipment. We procure the solar panels, inverter, mounting structure and balance of systems from qualified tier 1 manufacturers. Based on large order volumes, our international purchasing power allows us to secure better pricing than other companies.

How can we check what our solar system produces every month?

We will give you access to an online monitoring platform which can be accessed from anywhere. You will also be able to check by visual inspection of inverters and investment-grade meter on-site.

How can we get started?

Drop us a line at to initiate the conversation